Popular YouTubers known for flouting social distancing rules attracted a large maskless crowd in front of the house popularized by reality show “Jersey Shore” on Monday night, authorities say.

Canadian vloggers Nelk Boys, known for their pranks, tweeted a teaser that they would be at the house that was home to the cast of MTV’s popular reality series. The fratty crew was recently demonetized by YouTube for encouraging people to ignore covid-19 safety rules, BuzzFeed News reported.

Fans gathered outside the famed home with phones in hand hoping to catch glimpses of the vloggers, who were promoting new merchandise.

A large police presence was on the scene to contain the crowd that later grew rowdy and caused police from surrounding towns to be dispatched to the Seaside Heights location to calm the increasingly clamorous fans, the Asbury Park Press reported.

Some objects were thrown at police as they tried to control the crowd, the paper reported.

The Nelk Boys posted a clip on their social media where they claimed they were being kicked out of the house that was surrounded with fans and police.

The social media stars claimed no responsibility for the large crowd, stating that their popularity draws people no matter what they do despite their initial post showing them opening up celebratory bubbles and previewing new merchandise.

The Washington Post


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