After her husband died of Covid-19, Sondra Wolfe wants people to see the human lives behind the numbers.

“People see the numbers and so many of them don’t care. I want to put a human face and a family, what a family is going through, the grief that this has caused and maybe change some minds that this is a real thing,” Wolfe told CNN on Tuesday.

She described her husband, Mike, as a great father, grandfather and husband. She said losing him is leaving a big hole in their family and community.

“He took care of all of us. He was just an all around great guy,” Wolfe said.

She said it is frustrating that President Trump and other federal leaders did not act on the severity of the pandemic earlier.

“Other countries have this under control and are protecting their citizens, and that they’ve made this political and about an election and about ratings, just makes me angry. This is about people and lives,” she said.

“It is not going away,” she added. “It is not political. It is a health crisis and we need to do what we can to take care of each other.”

She urged people to wear masks and have empathy, saying that simple action could save lives.

“If you would pass this on to somebody else, how would it make you feel. If your selfishness was responsible for somebody’s death,” Wolfe said.

Source : CNN


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