Dr. Anthony Fauci said a national mask mandate “probably would not work.”

Speaking during a news conference with Vermont Gov. Phil Scott, Fauci said, “There is such a degree of variability of accepting mandates throughout the country.”

Fauci added this has been discussed “in great detail at the level of the White House coronavirus task force.”

“If the citizens of a particular state, a city, a county or what have you, are really in lockstep with the authority, that does it – there’s not a big problem,” he said.

However, issues arise when a majority of the population in an area do not agree with the mandate – and that begs the question: How do you enforce the mandate?

Fauci said anything that puts an “authoritative statement to the citizenry often is met with a considerable amount of pushback.”

“The bottom line answer to your question is that a national mandate probably would not work,” he said.



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