A total of 1,305 students and 25 faculty and staff members at Arizona State University have tested positive for Covid-19 since Aug. 1, the university reported on Wednesday. 

ASU’s president Michael Crow had announced Wednesday the university would start releasing cumulative numbers of positive cases among students, faculty, and staff. The university was only sharing the number of current positive cases, meaning they were taking out the positive cases that have been medically cleared out of the total positive.

ASU also reported that a total of 610 students have been medically cleared since Aug. 1. A total of 138 faculty and staff members have been cleared — a number much higher than the total cumulative cases among employees. The university noted in its report this is because they have been keeping track of positive cases among employees since before Aug. 1.

Jay Thorne, the assistant vice president of media relations and strategic communications at ASU, expanded on this Thursday, telling CNN in a statement that “for employees who may have tested positive over the summer, there were – and are – very strict back-to-work protocols and there were positive cases who had not yet been released because the employee hadn’t finished their protocol process.”

“Those backdated/backlogged cases cleared as we entered August – but they were not cases that were recorded as positive post-August 1, which is what our reporting covers,” Thorne added.

Source : CNN


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