Ohio is seeing consistently high positivity rates of Covid-19 in six counties, Gov. Mike DeWine said. Overall, Ohio’s transmission rates have stabilized, but Butler, Mercer, Preble, Putnam, Montgomery and Summit counties all meet the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s threshold for high instances. 

“Putnam County is at a high level of cases, 280 cases per hundred thousand population. Putnam County has had 95 cases during the past two weeks. The county’s total since the beginning of the pandemic is 430 cases, so you can see they’re getting a lot of them in a rush. The county is seeing a sustained increase in new cases growing from an average of five cases per day on August 19 to an average of 11 cases on August 29. The primary source of spread in Putnam County is within families, ” DeWine said.

The governor also reported on the status of cases at a nearby University. DeWine said Butler County has specifically been affected by numbers influenced by Miami University, stating that between Sept. 2 and 8, there were 545 student positive cases and the previous week, there were 495 cases. In addition to the Miami University student cases, DeWine said there have also been small outbreaks at workplaces and long-term care facilities in Butler County.

“Mercer County continues as red because they meet the CDC threshold for high incidence. Their number is 206 cases per hundred thousand. Their per case number sadly increased this past week from 179 last week to 206 this week, so we’ve seen it coming down from Mercer County for a couple of weeks now we’re seeing it starting to go back up. Still a very high-level Mercer County continues to see spread throughout the community. They’ve had outbreaks at workplaces and long-term care facilities and they’ve got just pretty much spread throughout the county,” DeWine said.

Wittenberg University in Springfield is contributing to the increased number of cases in the area with an increase of more than 70 new cases this week. These cases are being associated with out of class social gatherings. To help combat the spread the university announced on Sept. 9, classes will be remote for two weeks.

Source : CNN


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