As Spain struggles to reign in the fastest growing Covid-19 infection rate in Europe, it’s grappling with how to ensure safety in classrooms this September, even as some schools in Madrid have been forced to delay the start of school by several days or even weeks.

Spain became the first country in western Europe to reach half a million confirmed coronavirus infections on Monday, and recorded its highest daily case count since May on Friday.

In order to stop the spread in schools, the country’s government laid down the rules at the end of August: All students aged six and above must wear masks in class; class sizes are to be reduced; students are to be kept in assigned “bubbles” to prevent them mixing; desks must be positioned at least 1.5 meters apart; all schools must improve open-air ventilation, and provide hand disinfection stations.

The new Covid-19 regulations, however, risk widening the gap between rich and poor, by exacerbating the disparity between private and public schools — especially in the hardest-hit neighborhoods of Madrid.

Source : CNN


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