Dr. Jonathan Reiner, CNN medical analyst and professor of medicine at George Washington University, says the lack of universal mask use could be the biggest mistake in the United States’ coronavirus response.“Maybe the greatest error in our pandemic response — and we’ve had a panoply of errors — is the failure to get the entire country to wear masks,” Reiner told CNN’s Erica Hill Monday.

“When you look at countries where the mortality is a fraction of what it is in the United States, the common theme from the very beginning of the pandemic was universal masking,” he added.

Reiner said the US response to the pandemic has been an “abysmal failure.”

“The virus went all over the world,” he said. “It didn’t just come to the United States, but because of that panoply of errors and our failure to learn from our mistakes, our failure to get the country to social distance and to mask up has kept us in the realm of about 1,000 deaths per day.”

Source : CNN


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