Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden slammed President Trump’s Covid-19 response, calling it “botched” and criticizing the President for not acting sooner.

“The President has botched the Covid response, botched it badly. I’ve said from the beginning we can’t deal with an economic crisis until you beat the pandemic. You can’t have an economic comeback when almost a thousand Americans die each day from Covid,” Biden said.

“We all know it didn’t have to be this bad. It didn’t have to be this bad to begin with if the President just did his job. If he just took the virus seriously early on in January and February as it spread around the globe,” Biden continued.

The former vice president called on Trump to set an example for the American people by following Covid-19 guidelines as right now, he said, it seems like the President “doesn’t care.”

“If he just set a good example like social distancing and wearing a mask. That’s not too much to ask. It is almost like he doesn’t care. It doesn’t affect him because it doesn’t effect him or his class of friends.”

Biden said he released his economic plan in July and that in the next three weeks, he’d be laying out the “sharp contrast” of his plan compared “President’s non plans.” He noted that he would be asking Americans three questions: Who can handle the pandemic? Who can keep their promises? And, who cares about and will fight for working families?

“Give ordinary Americans just half a chance and they never let the country down. They will do extraordinary things. They will never let us down. Unlike the current President.  And unlike the current President, I won’t let you down either,” Biden said. “That is what this election is about. Helping people unite get together, move this country back in the direction that we can be.”

Source: CNN


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