Indiana University Bloomington is now recommending that all students living in sorority and fraternity houses reevaluate their living situations due to the quickly increasing spread of coronavirus in those environments. 

“Mitigation testing positivity rates in some houses are now above 50 percent. As such, IU’s team of public health experts is extremely concerned that Greek houses are seeing uncontrolled spread of COVID-19,” the university said in a statement Thursday. “This poses a significant risk to the nearly 2,600 students currently living in Greek or other communal housing organizations, as well as to the other 42,000 IU Bloomington students, the campus’s 12,000 faculty and staff, and the surrounding community.”

Greek houses are owned and operated by their respective Greek organizations, not by the university as self, so IU doesn’t have the jurisdiction to regulate the houses.

CNN previously reported that 30 fraternity and sorority houses at the school had been placed under quarantine by the county health department. 

Source: CNN


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