New York state added two more states to its list of states and territories that are subject to its Covid-19 travel advisory, bringing the total to 33.

People traveling to the state from Alaska and Montana will now have to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival.

New Jersey and Connecticut are expected to add the states to their list too, as all three neighbor states issued the same travel advisory guidance initially.

“As we continue to pursue a phased, data driven reopening, the number of areas that remain on New York’s travel advisory is a stark reminder of the continued extent of the COVID-19 crisis throughout the nation,” said New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Meanwhile the State of New York has remained under a 1% transmission rate for its 25th day and ICU patients are at lows not seen since mid-March.

Of more than 1,000 establishments visited by the State Liquor Authority and State Police Task force, only three were observed in violation – including two in New York City.

Source : CNN


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