Across the United States, 36 states are reporting 20,000 coronavirus cases at colleges and universities. 

In an interview on CNN’s “New Day,” Erin Bromage, a UMass Dartmouth biology professor, said that one of the best way to keep Covid-19 in check is to test students three times per week. 

“But three times a week is financially really tough for most universities to accomplish,” Bromage said. “When you go to once a week, it’s impossible to actually catch up to those infections.”

Bromage also warned that we should not stigmatize against students who get coronavirus on campus.

“Administrators had the choice of designing a plan of how they delivered education, and they had all of summer to do this,” he said.

He said that it falls on school officials to find safe ways for students to socialize. 

“If…we start forcing them to go underground in regards to their social activities, that makes it even harder to control. We need to be looking at ways to understand what the students want to do — they want to congregate, they want to be together, they want to socialize — but we need to help them do that in a safer way,” Bromage said.

Source : CNN


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