They’ve flown around the globe and have seen the world side by side from the best seat in the house — the cockpit of a Delta A330.

Meet Joe and Margrit Fahan, married and recently retired Delta pilots who chronicle their travels on their popular Instagram account, @flyingfahans

After completing their final Delta flight on August 13, the couple sat down with CNN Travel.

Capt. Joe Fahan has been a pilot for over 36 years. Commercial airline pilots must retire at age 65, and Fahan was a little over a year away from retirement when Covid-19 hit. Air travel basically ground to a halt, creating a major crisis for the industry. 

“All the airlines [were] losing an incredible amount of money they had to start scaling back. They offered early retirement, and it just made sense for us. So we decided to jump on it.” said Joe Fahan.

First Officer Margrit Fahan, Joe’s wife and co-pilot, has been flying for 35 years. The last six years she has shared the flight deck with her husband, Joe, and has since witnessed the devastating effects of coronavirus on her industry. “I think the airlines fell back to a 5% capacity, 5% of their operation,” said Margrit. 

Margrit still had a few more years of flying ahead of her and was not ready to retire — but she did.

Source : CNN


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