Public sector workers in Saudi Arabia are set to return to their workplaces on Sunday – the beginning of the working week in the country – as lockdown measures imposed to stem the spread of Covid-19 are eased.

Saudi-funded Al Arabiya TV quoted the ministry of human resources and social development as saying that a number of guidelines will have to be adhered to as offices reopen.

Measures include staggered shift times. Employees will not be required to sign in by fingerprint, and those vulnerable to infection will continue to work remotely.

The ministry had permitted 50% of public sector workers to return to the workplace on 31 May, and raised that figure to 75% the following month, Al Arabiya TV reported.

In its daily briefing today, the health ministry said there had been 987 new coronavirus cases, 27 deaths and 1,038 recoveries.

Source: BBC News


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