Indigenous Brazilian protesters removed their barricades from a key highway in Brazil’s Amazon on Wednesday, after 10 days of protest against the federal government.

The group has decided to end their protest until a decision is reached regarding a lawsuit filed by Pará state’s Federal Public Attorney. The suit urges the government to renew a program that compensates communities for the environmental impact the highway has over their territory.

The indigenous group also has another demand: for the government to step up its efforts to contain Covid-19, which has ravaged their community.  

The Kayapó Mekragnoti people first blocked the highway last Monday, August 17, near the city of Novo Progresso to demand health assistance, medical supplies and food to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.   

The indigenous group kept the road open since Saturday as it negotiated with government officials. By Wednesday, August 26, the group decided to leave the highway for good and return home.   

Source: CNN


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