Every Friday, Carolyn Freyer-Jones encourages her family and friends to participate in #thefridayminute to honor her father Hugh and others who have died from the coronavirus pandemic.

The idea came out of a discussion with her brother about how sometime down the road, there may be a national day of mourning for those who have lost a loved one to Covid-19.

“Let’s not wait. Let’s not wait for a national day of mourning in the future when we all get a day off and it’s after hundreds of thousands of lives are gone, homes lost, jobs and businesses gone.” Carolyn Freyer-Jones recalls telling her brother. “Let’s create something now that we can share and that can be shared with everyone, that people everywhere can do right now.”

At noon eastern time, she wants people to take a minute to reflect and pray, and even send love and support to families who have been affected by coronavirus this year.

“The minute is a way to remind ourselves that we are all connected regardless of situation or circumstance. My father is everyone’s father, or husband, or grandfather, or friend,” Carolyn Freyer-Jones told CNN.

During this minute and several times throughout the past few weeks, Carolyn has been thinking about her own father, who she said died from coronavirus complications on his 86th birthday.

Source : CNN


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