US Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams urged residents of Baltimore to take safety precautions to slow the spread of Covid-19 in that city.  

In a news briefing with Baltimore Health Commissioner Dr. Letitia Dzirasa, Adams said people can lower the positivity rate with “three Ws.”

“We don’t need to wait for a vaccine. We don’t need to wait for a miracle therapeutic. New York City and the state of New York have a positivity rate of less than 1% right now. And they’ve done it with three things – what I call my three W’s,” he said.

The three Ws, according to Adams, are:

  1. “Wash your hands”
  2. “Watch your distance – meaning stay at least six feet from others and avoid crowded places.”
  3. “Wear a face mask.”

Baltimore is one of the cities the White House coronavirus task force warned this week about an uptick in coronavirus test positivity rates.

Adams reminded the public that Baltimore can lower its numbers of new coronavirus cases “in a matter of weeks” by following public health safety measures.

“It usually takes two to three weeks after you start doing the right thing before you see cases come down. And across the nation right now, we’re actually seeing case numbers start to come down. But is another two to three weeks after that before you see hospitalizations go down, and another two to three weeks after that before you start to level off and come back down. I want everyone to understand that,” he said. “As I look around the city, the majority of people are doing the right thing. We just need to stay the course and continue to normalize that positive behavior.”

Source : CNN


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