White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said President Trump could pick up “the slack” on unemployment benefits as stimulus negotiations in Congress are on the brink of collapse.

“The President is looking very, very carefully… about using executive authority to take up the slack” on unemployment benefits, a payroll tax cut, extending the eviction moratorium, and providing a benefit for reemployment, Kudlow said in an interview on Fox Business. 

Trump said he could sign an executive order on these issues as early as this afternoon. 

Specifically, Kudlow said a draft of a potential payroll tax cut “is basically completed,” and he believes Trump will use executive authority to implement it. A payroll tax cut has faced bipartisan opposition on the Hill. 

Trump had been pushing for a payroll tax cut — which would reduce the amount taken out of workers’ paychecks tofund federal programsincluding Social Security and Medicare — to be included in the congressional stimulus package. But many Republicans and most Democrats don’t support it.

Kudlow said he can’t predict when federal unemployment benefits might be back due to the stalled negotiations on Capitol Hill. The $600 benefit expired last week.


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