Coronavirus cases nearly doubled in the Netherlands over the past week, the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment said Tuesday.

“2,588 new COVID-19 infections were reported in the Netherlands over the past week. That is 1,259 more confirmed cases reported than the week before that, when 1,329 new COVID-19 infections were reported,” it said in a statement.

The Institute said that the reproduction number (R) is 1.20 in the country and the highest percentage of positive tests was seen in the regions of Rotterdam-Rijnmond, Amsterdam, West-Brabant, and Haaglanden. 

“These are also the regions where most of the known clusters are located,” the Institute said, adding that there are 242 known active coronavirus clusters in the country. 

“This represents an increase of 109 clusters of three or more related infections compared to the previous week,” the statement added.

Source: CNN


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