Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson told CNN the state will not shut down bars and restaurants despite the recent spike in cases.

When asked Sunday if the state’s high number of new cases and deaths could have been prevented had there been restrictions imposed earlier, Hutchinson said the “economy and people cannot be shut down for that long.” 

The governor said bars and restaurants would remain open at “limited capacity” because “so far we have not seen any correlation between an increase in cases and lifting of restrictions.”

“We’re going to be dealing with this for some time and so you can’t shut down the economy,” Hutchinson said, adding that he’s issued a mask mandate and “of course the most important about that is that people comply with it.”

More context: The state of Arkansas reported a 10% positivity rate for new coronavirus cases Friday and currently has 43,173 total cases and 458 deaths.

Source: CNN


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