US President Donald Trump said he supports a “temporary extension of unemployment benefits” and slammed Democrats as negotiations on a relief bill remain deadlocked. 

Asked what the White House is willing to put on the table to move negotiations Trump said, “It’s a great question. I can’t tell you though because that wouldn’t be very smart for me from a negotiating standpoint but we’ll be putting certain things on the table.”

Trump added that he wants to “get money to people” saying that it wasn’t the fault of American workers but “China’s fault.”  

“We’re asking Congress to pass additional legislation to support Americans in need. First we want a temporary extension of expanded unemployment benefits. This will provide a critical bridge for Americans who lost their jobs to the pandemic,” Trump said of the bill. 

Trump also slammed what he called “Democratic obstruction,” which he said he was “surprised” by but said he wanted Democrats’ help to temporarily stop evictions. 

“We want to get money to people. It wasn’t their fault. And we want to get money to people and it has to be substantial. It’s not their fault what happened. The fact is, people don’t like saying it — they know it’s true — it’s China’s fault. Okay? It’s not their fault. It’s not the worker who lost his job. It’s China’s fault. And that’s the way it is,” Trump said. 

Source: CNN


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