Peru reported its highest daily increase in new Covid-19 cases with at least 5,288 in the last 24 hours, according to data released by the Health Ministry on Tuesday evening. The increase is the highest the country has recorded since June 12. 

The total number of coronavirus cases in the country stands at 395,005, according to the same data, while the death toll reached 18,612 with 194 new deaths.

Earlier on Tuesday, President Martin Vizcarra announced an additional grant of 760 soles (more than $200) for 8,500 million vulnerable families affected by the pandemic.

During a televised speech celebrating Peru’s independence day at parliament, the president also announced a lifetime financial grant for children orphaned by Covid-19 of 200 soles per month (about $57).

Vizcarra also acknowledged the urgent need to reactivate the economy badly affected by the pandemic and announced a plan to create one million jobs

“With an investment of 6,350 million soles (more than $1.8 billion) to carry out infrastructure works and generate more than one million jobs throughout the country, which will start in August.” Vizcarra said . 

Some background: Peru started to ease lockdown restrictions on July 1 and the state of emergency in the country is due to finish on July 31.

“Lockdown has allowed us to avoid a catastrophe of unimaginable consequences” Vizcarra said.

Peru has the third highest number of Covid-19 cases in the Latin America, behind Brazil and Mexico, according to Johns Hopkins University. 

Source: CNN


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