Miami Dade Mayor Carlos Giménez said today that the county has not exceeded the ICU capacity, although the county’s dashboard showed that the capacity is at 107%.

Giménez said in a news conference this morning that the 107% number is of the “normal capacity” but that they have not reached “absolute capacity.”

He explained that hospitals have the ability to add hundreds of ICU beds by not having elective surgeries, which allows for the hospitals to convert the recovery rooms into ICU rooms. He also said that the number of beds available is a rolling number.  

While the number of hospitalizations were not available during the news conference Friday, Gimenez said that the increase of hospitalizations has somewhat plateaued over the past four days. 

“We still have capacity here in Miami Dade County,” Gimenez said. 

He did say that the county needs additional medical personnel to staff the additional beds and that Gov. Ron DeSantis is helping with that request. 

Source: CNN


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