Dr. Anthony Fauci defended the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as a good source for Americans to get coronavirus data.  

During a US Chamber of Commerce Foundation virtual event on Friday, Fauci was asked about the best source of data about coronavirus for cities, business owners and the American people.“The CDC, you know forever, has been the lead agency in both surveillance and response to outbreaks,” he said. 

Fauci said CDC provides information about the outbreak for the country as a whole, down to the city level.  

“So I would point you to the CDC website, to get the kind of information that I think would be very valuable to you,” he said. 

Why this matters: Earlier this week, the US Department of Health and Human Services instructed hospitals to stop providing coronavirus data directly to CDC, saying the agency was posting the information too slowly. Instead, the hospital data was to be rerouted directly to the Trump administration.

Some information was missing from the CDC website mid-week, but HHS directed the agency to put it back up. 

Source: CNN


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