Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt announced today in a news conference that he tested positive for Covid-19. He said he was tested yesterday and that he feels fine other than being a little achy. 

Stitt said he is quarantining at his home and isolating away from his family.

The governor’s diagnosis comes after he attended President Trump’s campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma last month and was spotted in the crowd without a mask on.

Tulsa has seen a surge in cases in the aftermath of the rally that health officials say was likely caused by the event that hosted roughly 6,000 people indoors, most of whom opted not to wear a mask.

Based on contact tracing, the Oklahoma State Department of Health says that the governor did not contract Covid-19 at the Trump rally in Tulsa in June.

Dr. Lance Frye, commissioner of the Oklahoma State Department of Health, said they don’t know exactly when the governor was infected, but that it would’ve been within the last couple of weeks. He added that it would not have been as far back as Trump’s rally. 

Stitt stressed that he has been tested periodically since the rally and it wasn’t until Tuesday that he tested positive.

Some background: Stitt has been criticized throughout the pandemic for his aggressive push to reopen the state and seeming lack of adherence to the advice of medical experts.

 In March, as the country was coming to terms with how serious coronavirus was and businesses were shuttering their doors, Stitt tweeted a photo of himself and his children eating at a crowded restaurant. He later deleted the tweet.

Oklahoma had one of the most aggressive reopening plans in the country, and despite a rise in cases, Stitt has said that shutting down businesses is not under consideration.

Source: CNN


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