The coronavirus is spreading across the United States faster than at any point in the pandemic, and the number of new cases has accelerated in July.

The U.S. coronavirus count, which stands at 3,407,556 as of Tuesday afternoon, has increased by almost a quarter since June 30 when surging counts in California, Florida, Texas and Arizona pushed the daily counts to new highs.

Before July 1, the country had never seen a day in which 50,000 new coronavirus cases had been confirmed. Since that day, the record has been surpassed 11 times, according to an NBC News tally of cases.

Twenty-two states, plus Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, have had at least one record day of coronavirus cases since July 1. Alaska leads the pack, having set new daily records seven times this month.

South Carolina, Wisconsin, Montana, and Alabama aren’t far behind. Each of those states has had at least three record days this month.

Florida has set daily records three times this month, including a 15,300-case day on July 12, the highest single-day total any state has seen to date.

Source : NBC News


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