Young people’s behavior is playing a key role in some of the resurgence of Covid-19 cases in the Southern states, and they need to take their societal role much more seriously, Dr. Anthony Fauci said Tuesday.

“Everybody has a place and a role in getting this outbreak under control, and you’re not caring whether you get infected or not, is not a good way to get the outbreak under control,” Fauci said Tuesday during a Georgetown University Global Health Initiative webinar. “

To get it under control means you don’t let yourself get infected and you don’t spread to anybody else,” added Fauci, who is director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Fauci said he has watched video of young people at bars and other crowded places, congregating and not wearing masks, and while he said it is “understandable” that people would rather be “sipping a Margarita” than staying home.

“What they need to understand is that given the nature of this outbreak, even if you get infected and have no symptoms at all, and never get sick, you are inadvertently propagating the pandemic,” he said.

“I say that with some trepidation, because I’m not blaming anyone and I think people do this innocently. They don’t mean to be part of the problem, but inadvertently, they are a part of the problem,” Fauci said.

Source: CNN


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