Another 1,071 people have died from Covid-19 in Brazil, health authorities there announced on Saturday.

The South American country’s death toll now stands at 71,469, the second-highest in the world. Only the United States has recorded more coronavirus-related fatalities.

Authorities also said that they recorded another 39,023 Covid-19 cases, bringing the nationwide total to 1,839,850 since the pandemic began.

Among those who have tested positive is Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro. Following his diagnosis, Bolsonaro acknowledged the grave risk posed by the virus, which he has in the past dismissed as just a “little flu.”

“We know the fatality of the virus for those of a certain age, like me, above 65, as well as for those with comorbidities, diseases, other issues. In those cases, the virus could be decisive and lead to death — everyone knew that,” he said.

Brazil has been reporting tens of thousands of new cases, and over 1,000 deaths, a day since late May.

Source: CNN


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