The University of Alabama is responding to reports of so-called “Covid parties,” saying it has been aware of the rumors “for weeks.”

The university said it has conducted an investigation, but it was not able to identify any students who may have participated, according to a statement.

“Our students want a return to on-campus instruction and the extracurricular opportunities they enjoy, and we fully expect them to safeguard their personal health and safety and that of everyone at the university and in our city,” the statement said.

The university added it is committed to the safety and well-being of the community and will enforce rules about on-campus activities “stringently” as well as follow up on any more information they receive.“It is essential that students cooperate and comply with these guidelines to allow for the safe return and continued operations of our campus,” the university said.

The statement said the university plans to test all students before they return to campus.

Some background: Tuscaloosa City Council member Sonya McKinstry said at a meeting Tuesday that Fire Chief Randy Smith confirmed with local doctors that young people in the city are throwing parties with a payout if they catch coronavirus.

McKinstry said that tickets are sold to the party – and people that are Covid positive are invited. The goal is to be the first person to be confirmed by a doctor to have coronavirus, and you win the money made off the ticket sales.  

McKinstry says that there have been several parties in the city and surrounding area over the last three weeks, and probably more they don’t know about.

Source: CNN


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