Brazil’s health ministry reported 1,280 new Covid-19 deaths in the past 24 hours, nearly doubling the previous day’s count.  

The country’s death toll stands at 59,594 as Rio de Janeiro state alone surpassed 10,000 total deaths from the virus Tuesday, according to Rio’s state health secretary.

The national healthministry also recorded another 33,846 new cases Tuesday, bringing the country’s total to at least 1,402,041.

This comes after a new survey published Tuesday showed that fewer Brazilians are sheltering at home, although showing they are increasingly afraid of contracting the virus. 

At the end of June, 47% of Brazilians were “very afraid” of contracting the novel coronavirus, up from 36% in mid-March when several states ordered all but essential businesses to close, according to the Datafolha polling firm.

Nonetheless, fewer Brazilians reported staying at home. Those who reported remaining totally isolated fell to 12% from 18% and those who said they were taking precautions but still leaving home to work and perform other activities was up to 34% from 24%.

Source: CNN


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