At least 15,000 policemen have been infected with Covid-19 and 243 have died since the pandemic began in Peru, according to the country’s Interior Minister Gastón Rodríguez

Of the 15,000 affected by the virus, 6,000 have since recovered and returned to work while 289 remain in hospital, Rodríguez told journalists on Monday afternoon.

On Monday, Peru reported 2,848 new Covid-19 cases, its lowest rise in seven days, bringing the total number of cases to 285,213.

The country’s death toll reached 9,677 with 173 new deaths. Peru has the second-highest number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Latin America, following Brazil.

The state of emergency in the country has been extended until July 31 while lockdown’s conditions have changed since Wednesday. While most of Peru including its capital Lima is now under what is called a “localized lockdown,” 7 of Peru’s 24 regions remain under a “general” and stricter lockdown.

The South American country was one of the first countries in the region to impose a state of emergency and lockdown in order to fight the pandemic.

Source: CNN


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