Ecuador’s President Lenín Moreno announced additional controls for the country’s capital Quito due to the coronavirus pandemic, while he again implored the populaiton to follow the government’s health safety guidance, social distancing and hygiene rules.

In a speech via social media on Monday evening, Moreno announced more controls will be established across four areas in Quito: the capital’s historical centre, Panecillo, Chilibulo, and La Ecuatoriana neighborhoods, in order to reduce the movement of people. 

The president also announced stronger controls on informal street vendors in the city, as well as improving the capacity of the health services.

Moreno told Ecuadoreans that after more than 3 months of fighting the pandemic, no measure is enough if each citizen does not take individual responsibility in fighting the pandemic.

The president also said that during the first 15 days of June, a total of 1,200 social parties were stopped by the National Police, while 106,000 citizens were fined for breaching curfew.

Moreno implored Ecuador’s citizens to keep wearing face masks, keep social distance and wash their hands at all times. “We can’t assign a policeman for each citizen”, he said. “Even if you have experienced symptoms, mild symptoms, and you feel better in a few weeks, you can still spread the virus to your parents, your grandparents” the President added.

On Monday, Ecuador’s Health Ministry reported a total of 55,255 Covid-19 cases, while the death toll stands at 4,429.

Source: CNN


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