University of Texas at Austin announced new details Monday on the fall semester and class structure during the coronavirus pandemic.

Plans include a shortened academic semester, an “instructional continuity plan” in the event professors fall ill, a mix of online and in-person classes and a flat tuition no matter the mode of instruction, its board said.

UT’s semester will begin on Aug. 26, with in-person instruction ending Nov. 25 — the day before Thanksgiving.

The class day will run from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., with courses “more evenly distributed,” and each course will have an “instructional continuity plan,” which will include a teaching partner, who will take over the class in the case of an emergency or if an instructor becomes ill.

Like many Texas schools, UT-Austin will offer classes online, hybrid and in-person options for students, but all is subject to change, according to UT’s Interim President Jay Hartzell.

Source: CNN


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