New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said that large malls in the state won’t be allowed to reopen until they’ve installed high-quality air systems that can filter out the coronavirus.

High-efficiency particle air filters, or HEPA filters, have been shown to help reduce the presence of Covid-19 in the air, according to a presentation from Cuomo.

The CDC says the coronavirus is thought to spread primarily through person-to-person contact, when an infected person produces respiratory droplets by coughing, sneezing or talking near others.

HEPA filters are designed to filter particles that are .01 micron and above and recent studies have found the coronavirus’ particle has a diameter of about .125 micron, he said.

So far, New York has not allowed malls to reopen in the state but has allowed indoor retail to resume at reduced capacity. Other businesses have not been required to install high-end filtration systems, although the governor said that the state is encouraging all businesses and offices to “explore the potential for their air conditioning air filtration system.”

Source: CNBC


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