Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz said the state has tested over half a million people for Covid-19 since the beginning of the pandemic. They now have the capacity to test 20,000 Minnesotans on any given day, he announced at a news briefing on Monday.

Walz said that during the last weeks of April, it became apparent that a disconnect between the federal responsibility on testing and the state’s responsibility was causing a problem in the United States. 

“At that point in time, we were like many states, striving to keep up and catch up with that testing, so we called for the Minnesota moonshot,” Walz said. “My goal was, is to try and get us in the first week in June to be able to test at a capacity of more than 10% of our population to be tested, and to have the daily capacity to test 20,000 people.”

He said the state worked with the University of Minnesota, the Mayo Clinic and other health systems to create their own supply that was “independent of those supply chain breaks.”

“I am here today to announce that we have reached those goals. Over half a million tests have been given in Minnesota, it will actually be a little over 600,000 today, and we do have the capacity now to test 20,000 Minnesotans every given day,” Walz said.

Minnesota has a total of at least 35,861 Covid-19 cases. Approximately 1,435 people have died statewide.

Source: CNN


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