More than 160 college admission deans released a collective statement on Monday articulating how their priorities of the college admissions process have shifted as the result of the coronavirus pandemic.

The joint statement — signed by deans at numerous prestigious colleges and universities, including Harvard, Princeton and Yale — sends the signal that students’ academic work will be evaluated in the context of the obstacles created by the pandemic.

The statement emphasizes that students’ focus should be on self-care, care for others, promoting equity, balance and meaningful learning. It was sponsored by the Making Caring Common project at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

“No student will be disadvantaged because of a change in commitments or a change in plans because of this outbreak, their school’s decisions about transcripts, the absence of AP or IB tests, their lack of access to standardized tests (although many of the colleges represented here don’t require these tests) or their inability to visit campus. We will also view students in the context of the curriculum, academic resources, and supports available to them” the statement reads.

The college admission deans call on students to share how they have been impacted by the pandemic, and to highlight ways in which they have provided service to others and their families during this turbulent time in their applications.

The statement also makes clear that students will not be penalized for not being able to engage in extracurricular and summer activities.

Source : CNN


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