People should keep a coronavirus emergency kit on hand with a mask, tissues and hand sanitizer whether they are going to the grocery store or attending a gathering over the Fourth of July holiday, a US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention expert urged Wednesday

“Continuing to wash your hands regularly, covering your coughs and sneeze, wearing a cloth face covering are all very important as we go about daily living outside of our household,” health scientist Sarah Lee said during a briefing on how to safely engage in activities outside the home.

Both Covid-19 cases and deaths are continuing to increase across the country and half of all states have seen a rise in cases since June 1, Lee said.

Lee urged extra vigilance as people congregate in different places for various events, such as July 4 celebrations.

“It’s important as you do plan to go out and do these types of activities, you keep your stash of items with you that will help you practice those everyday activities,” she said.

“A cloth face covering, having tissue and hand sanitizer that is at least 60% alcohol if possible,” she added.

 “Like we talk about emergency kits, this is a kit for those everyday preventive actions that you can have on hand. You find yourself in a grocery store and you want the hand sanitizer, you’ve got it accessible.”

Source: CNN


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