Pope Francis has warned people against falling back into the “illusion of individualism” after the coronavirus pandemic passes.

In statement from the Vatican, Francis praised healthcare workers in Italy’s Lombardy region who stood by their patients during the “troubled months.”

Francis warned people to “be careful” to not fall back into making “individualism the guiding principle of society.”

The Pope used healthcare workers as an example, saying their professionalism has been “one of the pillars of the country.”

“Patients often felt they had ‘angels beside them,’ who helped them to recover their health and, at the same time, comforted, supported and sometimes accompanied them to the threshold of the final encounter with the Lord,” Francis said. “It is easy to quickly forget that we need others, someone to take care of us to give us courage.”

Lombardy was Italy’s worst affected region by the virus. 

Source: CNN News


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