The Secretary of Higher Education in New Jersey today released guidance for colleges and universities to reopen for in-person instruction for the upcoming summer and fall sessions. 

Here’s what’s in the guidance:

  • Cleaning and social distancing: The guidance requires institutions to observe social distancing of six feet, hand washing, cleaning and disinfection, and must have procedures in place to accommodate individuals with symptoms or a positive Covid-19 diagnosis.
  • Mask wearing: Institutions must require face masks in all indoor spaces, except when doing so would be bad for an individual’s health.  
  • Dorms: A limited number of students will be allowed to return to residential facilities, but institutions need to develop quarantine and isolation protocols for residents and all common areas in buildings must remain closed. Schools are also asked to prioritize on campus housing for the students for whom it’s most necessary. 
  • Dining: Campus dining and campus transportation will be required to abide by the state-issued reopening guidelines.
  • Classes: Institutions can have instruction that occurs completely outdoors as long as they are abiding by state-established restrictions. 
  • Testing: College and universities will be responsible for establishing their own testing protocols, working with local health officials. 

“Colleges this fall and summer will not look the same as they did last year,” New Jersey Higher Education Secretary Dr. Zakiya Smith Ellis said Wednesday.   

Schools must submit their restart plans to the office of the Secretary of Higher Education at least 14 days before any staff or students return to campus. 

Source: CNN News


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