Greece welcomes foreign visitors, restarts summer tourism

    Tourists and locals mill about outside of a cafe opened for take-away business in the Plaka district in Athens [Getty Images]

    Greece has reopened its main airports to more international flights, hoping to kick-start its vital tourism sector after three months under lockdown.

    Tourism employs about 700,000 people and accounts for some 20 percent of Greece’s economic output, so how the sector fares is significant for the country’s recovery. Greece emerged from a decade-long debt crisis two years ago.

    Passengers arriving from airports deemed high-risk by the European Union’s aviation safety agency will be tested for the coronavirus and quarantined for up to 14 days, depending on the test result.

    Restrictions remain for passengers from the UK and Turkey. Arrivals from other airports will be randomly tested.

    Source: Aljazeera


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