Bats have shouldered much of the blame in the quest for the origins of the novel coronavirus. 

In March, researchers published a study that found a 96.2% similarity between the coronavirus that causes Covid-19 and a virus found in a horseshoe bat from China’s Yunnan province.

“Ninety-six percent is a different virus; it’s a bit like the difference between us and chimpanzees,” Peter Daszak, the president of the non-profit EcoHealth Alliance, explains in CNN Special Report “Bats: The Mystery Behind Covid-19.”

“It’s a different species of virus. But what it tells us is where the virus probably came from. It means that SARS-CoV-2 probably came from bats and probably in Southern China.”

Yunnan province isabout 1,000 miles from Hubei province, which is where the city of Wuhan saw the early virus outbreaks.A mix of potentially infected wild animals in a wet market could have caused the virus to jump from animals to humans. But zoologists, ecologists and disease experts have said human behaviors — such as destroying natural habitats — might be to blame for the transfer of the disease.

In fact, these flying mammals have a crucial role in our ecosystem — and even help produce tequila.

Read the full story here: CNN News


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