As ongoing national protests bring Americans physically closer together, actor and activist Sean Penn is helping to provide Covid-19 testing kits.

“The protesters themselves are that which protects our democracy, so we owe them to protect them, as well,” Penn told CNN’s Brianna Keilar.

Penn’s organization CORE (Community Organized Relief Effort) began by providing tests sites in Los Angeles, and has since moved the model across the county. 

“All of the people that work for CORE, throughout the country, are people from those communities who we train,” said Penn, who noted that the fear of another Covid-19 spike on the heels of organized marches is very real.

“The scientists are very worried about that and I certainly am prone to align myself with their concerns,” Penn said.

Penn, who started his organization following the 2010 earthquakes in Haiti, sees helping protesters stay healthy as a way of supporting another critical cause.

He said they “hope to see a return on that in the sense that protesters participate, participate at six-feet distance in the lines with masks and that we’re able to offer them the assistance that they’re offering the greater republic.”

As the Trump administration is hesitant to support and promote many of the health measures being encouraged by health experts, the two-time Academy Award winner quickly noted that examples of empowering change occur outside of Washington, DC.

“I think we should see by now that we’re not going to get our lead from leadership,” said Penn, adding “this is time for citizens to take the lead, and unfortunately in particular citizens of color are taking that lead, and we are looking to support, assist, coordinate with them in every way that is represented by peaceful protest and scientific, fact-based testing.”

Source: CNN News


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