Germany has extended its advice to citizens warning against global travel “for unnecessary and touristic reasons” until August 31.

Travel to other EU countries, Schengen members and the UK is exempt from the warning, the German Foreign Office said in a statement.

The country first issued advice warning citizens against tourist travel worldwide on March 17.

“Unlike our European neighbours, for the rest of the world we do not yet have the common, reliable data bases, criteria and coordination processes that make unrestricted travel possible again without incalculable risks,” the statement published Wednesday says.
“We cannot and will not risk that Germans will be again stranded all over the world in summer or that vacationers will carry the virus to Germany undetected.
“At the same time, we are very aware that many citizens want to travel outside of Europe again as quickly as possible.
“This affects vacation destinations in Turkey and North Africa but also Southeast Asia and America. The point at which such trips are also justifiable again for tourist purposes will depend on the course of the pandemic.”

Source : CNN


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