France’s coronavirus epidemic is now “under control,” according to the head of France’s government scientific advisory council.

Jean-François Delfraissy told France Inter radio station Friday that although the virus continued to circulate it was doing so at a “slow speed.” He said he was confident that France now had “all the tools to detect new cases.”

Delfraissy attributed part of this slowdown to the widespread use of masks, saying that “the first step was to recognize that [the authorities] were lacking masks.”

He also drew attention to the strain placed on the country by the Parisian outbreak, saying that the “majority of deaths and serious forms occurred in the Paris region,” which in turn imposed some of the strictest lockdown measures.

The country’s first epicenter was the eastern city of Mulhouse, where a cluster of cases was first recorded in February. Delfraissy said that if the Mulhouse cluster had not occurred, precipitating the virus’ spread across France, then the country “would be in a situation closer to Germany.”

France is currently in its second phase of de-confinement, with bars and restaurants reopening and a 100-kilometer (62-mile) travel limit lifted.

Despite the “human” need to unwind, Delfraissy advised French citizens “not to relax too much” as the country takes further steps toward normality.

Source: CNN News


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