Beijing will downgrade its public health emergency response level from level two to level three, as it continues to report a low number of Covid-19 infections, the Beijing Municipal Health Commission said in a statement Friday.

These are the new measures:

  • Starting on Saturday, Beijing will lift entry restrictions for Hubei residents – the initial epicenter of the Covid-19 pandemic – as long as they have tested negative in the nucleic acid test. 
  • All international arrivals to Beijing will continue taking a mandatory nucleic acid test and stay under medical observation for 14 days after entry.
  • Authorities will also begin to relax restrictions for domestic tourism in Beijing.

According to the Chinese government, the country has a four-tier public health emergency management system, with level four being the lowest level.

Some background:

To prevent a surge in cross-border infections, Beijing announced in mid-March the enforcement of a 14-day quarantine on all international travelers arriving in the Chinese capital. They are mandated to self-quarantine, either at home or in a designated facility for two complete weeks.

International business travelers are required to stay at a select number of designated hotels in Beijing, where they are tested for the virus. They are not permitted to leave until the test results have returned.

Source: CNN News


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