Britain’s Prince Charles has spoken publicly about contracting the coronavirus in March, saying he was “lucky” and had “got away with it quite lightly.”

In an interview with UK broadcaster Sky News, the heir to the British throne indicated that his experience had if anything increased his longstanding commitment to environmental causes, particularly climate change and safeguarding biodiversity.

“It makes me even more determined to push and shove and shout and prod, if you see what I mean. Whatever I can do behind the scenes sometimes… I suppose it did partly, I mean I was lucky in my case and got away with it quite lightly,” he told Sky News by video call from Scotland.

“But I’ve had it, and I can so understand what other people have gone through. And I feel particularly for those, for instance, who have lost their loved ones but were unable to be with them at the time. That to me is the most ghastly thing.

“But in order to prevent this happening to so many more people, this is why I’m so determined to find a way out of this.”

He urged the world to listen to scientists and act to protect the environment in order to avoid more pandemics in the future.

“We should have been treating the planet as if it was a patient long ago. So no self-respecting doctor would ever have let the situation, if the planet is a patient, reach this stage before making an intervention,” he said.

“The more we erode the natural world, the more we destroy what’s called biodiversity –which is the immense diversity of life, plant life, tree life, everything else, marine life — the more we expose ourselves to this kind of danger. We’ve had these other disasters with SARS and Ebola and goodness knows what else, all of these things are related to the loss of biodiversity.”

Source: CNN News


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