Across Europe, beaches are getting ready for their first socially distanced foreign visitors, hotels are airing out rooms and restaurants are laying alfresco tables. With borders now open, the travel industry is trying to salvage as much of the peak tourist season as possible.

But for the UK, it seems, summer vacations could still be canceled.

Even as it appears to be emerging from one of the continent’s worst coronavirus outbreaks, the country has decided to suddenly slam its borders shut by imposing a 14-day quarantine that critics say will torpedo the last shreds of hope for its travel industry.

Unless the rules change soon, millions of Britons who’d hoped to ease their post-lockdown blues with an escape to warmer climes will likely have to scrap their plans unless they want to endure enforced isolation on their return or risk a £1,000 fine — about $1,250.

And for the UK’s tourism industry, any prospect of soaking up some much-needed foreign tourist dollars is vanishing fast. Britain has many charms, but two weeks’ incarceration inside the same room is not why people visit this sceptered isle.

If that wasn’t enough to stoke frustrations, it seems that far from being stringently enforced, the new regulations will only be lightly policed after they come into effect on June 8, with spot checks that may actually miss the virus carriers they’re designed to keep sequestered.

That stands in contrast to much more stringent measures in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong, imposed much earlier in the pandemic.

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