South Korean health authorities identified 35 new coronavirus cases on Sunday — all but five of which were locally transmitted.

Of those, 24 are linked to religious group gatherings, the South Korean health ministry said at a briefing on Monday. The ministry did not specify whether those cases are tied to a single group or multiple groups.

South Korea has been widely praised by public health experts as a model for how governments should respond to the novel coronavirus. Seoul’s emphasis on widespread testing and contact tracing has helped the country keep the number of total confirmed cases to fewer than 12,000, including 271 deaths.

Though the worst of the epidemic in the country appears to be over, several new clusters have been identified in recent weeks. One of the most recent emerged at a logistics center in Bucheon, a satellite city near Seoul. Authorities say 112 cases of Covid-19 have been identified in connection with that cluster, while thousands are currently under quarantine.

There is concern that the cases tied to the religious group gatherings this weekend could be the first signs of a new cluster.

Source: CNN News


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