Colombia to fully shut down Bogota neighborhood amid rising virus cases

    Rodolfo Gomez, left, and his employees demonstrate how their design of a cardboard box can serve as both a hospital bed and a coffin in Bogota, Colombia earlier this month.Fernando Vergara / AP

    The mayor of Colombia’s capital is planning to shut down one of the city’s largest neighborhoods as cases there continue to rise.

    Mayor Claudia Lopez said Saturday that starting June 1 the working-class Kennedy area of Bogota— home to nearly 1.5 million people — will be under a strict quarantine. Police and military will enforce the lockdown and no one will be allowed out, except to seek food, medical care or in case of an emergency.

    Lopez said that testing for the virus will be doubled. The area on Sunday has more nearly 2,500 cases and hospitals there are reaching maximum capacity.

    The mayor said that in the rest of Bogota no new sectors of the economy will be allowed to reopen until at least the middle of June.

    Source: NBC News


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