New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the state’s focus will now be on reopening New York City’s economy.  

Officials will use data and tests to continue to pinpoint areas where coronavirus is still spreading, Cuomo said.

Those ZIP codes tend to be predominantly lower-income and minority communities, he said. In some areas, the infection rate is 40% — about double the rate in the city as a whole. 

“The infection rate is not spreading among essential workers; it’s spreading among workers who have stayed home or are unemployed. It’s spreading in the home, it’s spreading in the community. We’re going to focus on those ZIP codes. … We want to slow the infection rate even in those communities, and that will really bring the numbers down in New York City. We started that last week, but we’re going to bring it to a new level starting this week,” he said. 

“We want to attack the virus at its source,” he added.

Cuomo also said that the city needs to amp up its number of contact tracers. 

Source: CNN News


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