Religious ceremonies and gathering are allowed to immediately resume in France, according to a legislative decree published on Saturday morning.

The Interior Ministry and faith representatives “have worked together to ensure that religious ceremonies resume, while ensuring the health protection of all,” Interior Minister Christophe Castaner said in a statement on Friday night. 

Mandatory health measures include wearing face masks during ceremonies and hand sanitization at the entrance, according to the Ministry. 

The French Council for the Muslim Faith announced on Friday that Eid al-Fitr celebrations would occur on Sunday, May 24, but that “given the pandemic, Eid prayer cannot be held in Mosques.”

The Bishop’s Conference of France welcomed the decision in a press release on Saturday morning, adding that each priest and their teams would be responsible for choosing which churches would be allowed to host ceremonies and the number of people allowed in.

French places of worship were never closed during the crisis, but restrictions were imposed on religious celebrations, the Interior Ministry said in the statement.

This decision was expected after the State Council, one of France’s highest jurisdictions, had ordered the government to lift the ban on religious gatherings.

Source: CNN News

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